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  • 读后感




    你是张浩,一位办公室职员。有时感到乏味,很容易疲倦。你想加入一个俱乐部红楼梦第三回读后感,改变一下这种状况,以便闲暇时间过的更快活。写了一封信给俱乐部经理介绍你的嗜好和兴趣。 Dear Club Manager:

    I am writing to ask to join your club to enjoy my free time. I am a clerk. I often feel tense and become tired easily. Perhaps, I need to relax myself a bit. I hope to become a member of your club. I have many hobbies and interests. For example, I like photography, calligraphy and painting, dancing and singing. And I like going fishing, collecting stamps and raising flowers. Besides, I am good at playing Chinese chess and cards. Please write back and tell me if there are some formalities that I will have to go through. Thank you very much in advance. Looking forward to your reply.

    Yours, ZhangHao


    你是王萍,写一封信给Jefferson先生。信件的内容包括: 1、 一个月前红楼梦第三回读后感,他邀请了你到他家过圣诞节。 2、你在他那里受到了热情款待。 3、信件末尾写上一句你认为必要的话。

    Dear Mr. Jefferson:

    I am writing to thank you for your kindness and hospitality I enjoyed during my stay in your place.

    It is very kind of you to invite me to spend my Christmas holiday in your place last month. The room you arranged for me in your house was quiet, clean and comfortable. The food was very delicious. And visits to

    local scenic spots were really wonderful. They have not only broadened my horizon, but also eiched my experience. By the way, if it is convenient for you, please come over and spend your Spring Festival this year in my place.

    Thank you very much again.



    Dear Glad,

    Yours, Wang Ping

    I am writing to say that I will not be able to meet you at the airport next Monday morning.

    This morning my boss asked me to go to Shanghai on business tomorrow. It is something very important for our company and I will have to go. By the way, I will be back within 10 days. When you arrive, please take Bus No.345 and get off at the East Bus Station. The station is not far from my house and you will find my house easily. My mother is always at home. I told my mother that you would come already. Looking forward to seeing you.



    1. 向她表示歉意; 2. 解释你的原因;

    3. 提出把约会时间推后三天; 4. 写上一句你认为有必要写的.话

    Yours, Li Ming

    Dear Li Qing:

    I am writing to say I’m sorry that I will not be able to go for the appointment at 4:00 p.m. on Monday next week.

    This morning I got an urgent phone call from my boss in Guangzhou, and he asked me to flight there at once to join him in an important business negotiation. The Negotiation has something to do with the future of our company. I will have to stay there for about a week. I hope to postpone the appointment for three days till Thursday next week. Phone me and let me know if it is OK to you. My apologies again. Looking forward to seeing you.


    你是Alice。你的朋友Bonnie很快就要到你的乡间小屋拜访,但你却要出去一会儿。留一张便条给她,告诉她食品在哪儿,告诉她一个人在屋里时应注意些什么。 Dear Bonnie:

    Your friend Gao Ming

    I will be away for a while. The key to the cottage is under the doormat, and the food is in the refrigerator. After entering the house, lock the door from inside at once. The cottage is far away from the nearest town, and the area is not quite safe from burglars. So I think the saying is right “Where there is precaution, there is no danger”. Have a nice stay here.

    Yours, Alice

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