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    Winter spring summer and fall are season.

    In winter it’s cold and snowy, the trees don’t have any leaves. I wear my winter cloudy and winter boots.

    In summer, the weather is very hot. the trees have cool green leaves. I like to eat ice cream at the summer.

    The fall leaves are red orange and yellow.

    My favourite seasons is summer. Because I like to play sports with my friend. Sometimes I fly a kite…读后感闪闪的红星读后感,season I like to wear shorts and sandals.

    Autumn is my favourite season.I like it because autumn is so beautiful.

    In the autumn,the weather is cool.There are lots of good things,fruits,crops,vegetables …and so on.Autumn is a harvest season,a golden season.

    I like autumn because the Mid-Autumn festival is in it.

    the 读后感代写 读后感的格式 闪闪的红星读后感
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