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    初一年级英语作文:My Good Friend

    My best frierd’s name is Wei Hua.’He was born in Hunan in March, 1988. But now he lives in Beijing. His parents work in Beijing. His father is a worker and his mother is a doctor.

    Wei Hua is interested in playing basketball. We often play basketball together. He does well in maths and it’s his best subject. My maths isn’t good. He often helps me. He says he will be a scientist when he grows up.

    初一年级英语作文:My Happiest Day

    I am 13 years old now. Yesterday was my birthday. My parents had a birthday party. I invited some friends to the party.

    In the morning my mother got up early and began to cook. My father helped her with cooking. They were so busy that they had no time io talk with me.

    When all my friends arrived, my mother brought delicious food and a big birthday cake. My father gave me new clothes and some books as presents. I was moved to tears. My friends sang birthday songs for me and gave me some presents. I had a wonderful birthday.

    小学生二年级英语作文:好朋友(good friend)

    I have a good friend. she is a beautiful girl and very kind. she has long black hair, a red mouth and two big black eyes , her voice is better. she is good at singing and drawing.

    She is a clever girl. she likes reading books , playing computer games and climbing mountains. she is also nice. she often helps us . our classmates like her very much.

    一年级英语作文:My english friend

    my english friend name is jim.

    he is ten, his family in london,he and his family member comes our china to play.he has a cosin,he name is qianyu hi is oniy four years old,but he has a lot of questions.look he is pointing at the chopsticks to ask that my this is anything.

    I and jim has become the good friend .several days later jim said that he wanted, he said that i love china .i will forget that you zhou lei, will have free time london to look at me .ok see you jim.see you.

    小升初英语作文:My Good Friend

    My Good Friend

    My name is Liu Xiaoling.I have a good friend . Her name is Liu Yun. She lives in China . Her mather is a singer. She likes swimming. Her father is a TV reporter. He likes listening to mnsic. Liu Yun likes piaying the violin and riding her bike. Every morning , she goes to school on foot. Every evening, she reads newspaper ai home. Then she goes to bed at nine. This is my good friend Liu Yun.

    五年级英语作文:my good friend--Books

    I have many friend.Do you know who they are?Are they my pet?No.Are they my classmates?No. Let me tell you:they are my favourit book.

    I like books very much.I like reading science book,cartoonbook so on.not only let me know how wonderful the word is but also teach me how to be a good person in the society,they give me great pleasure.

    I love books!

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