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    my weekend小学五年级英语作文精选

    my weekend小学五年级英语作文精选

    my weekend英语作文篇1

    This weekend! My father and mother have gone to the Dongying, to see the car to go, watching the car, the little girl to the father called a phone, told a new thing. Want to know what's new about this new thing? Then do not go away Yo!

    March 27, that is, this Saturday is the birthday of the little girl. Can be a small uncle at home, because the little uncle is very busy, often travel, often a long time not to come back, there is not much time to accompany aunt and brother. This is not, this little sister birthday, little uncle do not have time to accompany aunt, he went to Xinjiang on a business trip. But also ah! Little uncle quite kind of mood, specially made long distance calls from the Dongying flower shop set a bouquet of flowers to the little girl home, the little girl received, surprised and happy, happy bad! Flew to her relatives and friends Have played a phone call, of course, also gave us a fight. Listen to the young man on the phone the other end excitedly discourse, oh little uncle, you let aunt had a happy birthday, even if you are far away in Xinjiang. Now technology is so developed, the little uncle just make a phone call on the line, but the young man was specially set a bunch of flowers sent over, the practice is really fresh!

    how is it? This is my new weekend, you?

    my weekend英语作文篇2

    Turned around, the original Showtime in the toy hit me, I am speechless, "usually someone else coax me, but let me coax you today." No way, I can only coax her.

    Language teacher left us an article entitled "in the new things", the weekend morning I wrestled with the subject matter, write grandmother to learn the computer, it is nothing new; write the sun hit the west out of it, and impossible. In my big headache when the cousin with my little niece pleased to come, said the company had something to ask me to take something, I would like to take the child what is difficult to promise down.

    Xinxin white fat, little arms with the lotus section of a length of a pair of water Lingling big eyes full of curiosity about this world, I like her very much. Because I have not finished writing homework, I put her on my bed to continue writing.

    For a while I heard the cry of "wow, wow", a look at her diaper, I loudly denounced her: "how do you not say ah?" This is under her cry even more, I know what to do Hastily coax her, give her for pants, spent a lot of effort, finally cry, I took her a lot of toys, and continue to write essays. Suddenly I felt something back attack, turned around, the original Showtime in the toy hit me, I am speechless, and usually others are coax me, but today I let you, no way, I can only say: "Xinxin good "I am ready to continue to the desk side, who knows she began to hit me, I am angry:" You hit me again, and then hit me, do not believe I beat you ah? I Can be very responsible to tell you that I am very angry consequences are very serious, youknow? Own play, hear no! "She blinked a pair of big eyes, it is estimated that the fear, and obediently to play to the side.

    After a while writing or not write, Showtime did not move strange strange, I turned back, Huh People? Where did this little thing go? I dropped the pen, hurry to find her climb in the living room to climb down, almost fell from a high place, scared I was a cold sweat ah, how girls are so naughty ah? I quickly went to hold her down, but it was estimated that because my lion roared her scared and also angry, that is not down. I have to say: "Well, well, happy, I was wrong, come down." "No, unless you tell me the story." "I promise you." Finally the little guy coax happy, but I think How can i tell the story? Just teach young guys back ancient poetry it

    "Well, oh, oh, back poetry." I took out illustrations of ancient poetry and literature, pointing to an illustration: "This figure is good? We will Go back to this bar. Goose, goose, goose, song items to the sky song. White hair floating green water, Anthurium dial clear wave. "Showtime several times will be," Xinxin really smart, and then back several times. Several times. "I'm breaking her faint fingers, she will be a moment will be, and I am pleased to say:" Xinxin really smart. " , 9-3? "" 6. "" 3 +4? "" 7. "" Awesome!

    Wait until the cousin came back to see the joy of the ancient poetry will be back, and will be considered arithmetic, and happy to say: "really fresh, children take care of children, but also take care of very good, usually really underestimated you." "Of course, Just do not do, one is absolutely blockbuster. "The cousin they sent away, I found that writing has not written, I think today to take care of small niece thing is not what I want to write the subject matter? To write this, the title is called "new things on the weekend." Hey hey!

    my weekend英语作文篇3

    This weekend Sunday is my birthday, I will talk with my father and mother talk about my grand "birthdayparty" of the ... ...

    Sunday, this exciting day finally come ~ ~ ~ into the party room - wow, the windows of the white glass paste some stickers; small chair with a small red rope tied bowknot; table on the flowers, How much of the green leaves of the set off it? Yeah! See it! Is the little green leaves shy?

    "I'm so happy!" I was so happy to jump three feet so high! Mom mysteriously came, holding a black cloth in his hand, which seems to hold something. Suddenly, the lights off, I reach out and five fingers. My mother took the black cloth, said: "Surprise! Wish you a happy birthday ... ..." This song jumped out from everyone's mouth ~ I tears, but did not forget the wish, I was responsible for sub-cake, , My father put the rest of the cream toward my face, I was preparing to "fight back", but was cousin "bullying", "whining" I pretended to burst into tears Cousin to see me this, immediately put a cake into my mouth, "Oh ... ..." burst of trouble, you catch me catch, throw the cake to throw the cake, the cream of the cream ... ...

    Unconsciously, already 12 o'clock! We are also exhausted. This day, playing too crazy!

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