Heavy Equipment

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Stocktake is never anyone’s favourite time of the year.  Whether it’s sorting shoes, counting cans or stacking shelves, stocktaking can stretch people’s patience to the limit.

The one upside is that organisations always do their stock taking at the same time each year.  That means that with a bit of forward planning, organisations can get themselves organised well in advance so that when the time comes to stand up and be counted (pardon the pun), the right preparations have been put in place.

Securing a booking for the hire of specialised equipment such as forklifts, trolleys, pallet trucks etc will ensure that when the pressure’s on – the systems are in place to manage the whole process.  Some of the benefits of hiring specialised equipment include reduced labour costs, improved productivity, speed of operation and streamlined processes.  

For example, organisations may want to hire a portalift or hydraulic platform trolley (also known as a ‘cherry picker’) – with many of the pieces of heavy equipment hire only requiring one person to operate them.   Another option may be a workplatform which can safely and quickly elevate more than one person to the stock area. 

To illustrate how equipment rental can benefit stocktaking, consider this piece of news from an Australian retailer, Big W, which reported that their bi-annual stocktake had been reduced from two days to a day and a half with the help of 25 forklift work platform which they had hired.

When choosing an equipment rental company, it’s wise to check their track record, safety standards, adherence to statutory requirements, service and maintenance policy etc before making any commitment..

In the retail environment, some stocktaking responsibilities are outsourced to third parties and temporary contractors.  The need for reliable results has led to the development of another industry – that of specialised stock management software and solutions including handheld barcode readers (terminals) that ensure quick and accurate data capture and integration with existing IT systems etc.  Many retailers rent this equipment from professional equipment hire companies who provide on-site training to staff on how to use the equipment and the systems to ensure that stocktaking is done quickly, effectively and accurately.

Equipment rental goes way beyond stocktake time, however . There are many professional equipment hire companies which provide a huge range of equipment and vehicles across all industries and to the private sector.  From truck hire and digger hire in the earthmoving and construction industry, dumper truck hire in the mining industry, bulldozer hire in the building industry to a lawn mower hire to the man-in-the-street, the equipment rental business has answers for everyone and anyone.

Hurricane Sandy Delivers 'Another Catastrophe' To Verizon's Home, Complicating Network Repairs (Huffington post)

The water came rushing through the lobby, crashing against doors, shattering
windows and scattering sandbags meant to stop it. Then, it cascaded down the
stairs and flooded the underground cable vault, soaking tangled wires that
deliver phone and Internet service to customers across the region.

“It was churning like crazy. You can see the line here,” Chris Levendos,
Verizon’s executive director of national operations, said Saturday, pointing
to a 4-foot-high water mark left on the lobby wall. “It was finding all sorts
of ways to get into the building.”

Heavy flooding this week at Verizon’s headquarters in lower Manhattan -- a
critical node of its network infrastructure -- has begun to subside, but the
company's effort to repair damaged network equipment and restore service to
customers after Hurricane Sandy continues.


More on Hurricane Sandy 2012

Huffington post

heavy equipment

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Heavy Equipment in action

Frequently Asked Questions...

Heavy Equipment operator or construction manager career?

I'm currently a freshman at penn state and I hate it. This college life isn't for me and I realize now that I want to work as a heavy equipment operator or as a construction manager. But I'm not sure which one. What is the better choice? Pros and cons to both? Better benefits pay? Work schedule? Etc etc. Overall what one is the better choice for the future?

Best Answer...


when the economy is bad there is no work for engineers and construction managers/workers.

There are 72 Million baby-boomers (born 1945-64) who are just now starting to retire, and they will start dying in another 20 years. Find yourself a career in health/medical/pharmacy/physical therapy/ senior care etc.... invest your retirement money in crematories and funeral homes.

This is no joke. IT IS GOOD AND SERIOUS ADVICE: Give it serious thought...follow the aging population of this country.....follow their money....and their health insurance, medicare benefits, and their life insurance.

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